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  • "You Will it, You create it."
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Inlighten Global

Inlighten Global is a not-for- profit organization, with ground-breaking techniques, experiential workshops and one-on-one coaching

To access your inner wisdom and break limiting beliefs. Holding no alliance to any single religion or belief system, our only mandate is to create great minds who lead with self-mastery and social responsibility.


“Stop being the Effect and start being the Cause”


Free Meditation Techniques

Reach your full potential

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We waste a lot of time and energy managing the effects of our thoughts and actions, how do we break out of this cycle and switch to creating and inspiring thoughts and actions? We have created techniques and meditations to make this happen.

Spiritual Leader - INDER

With a childhood spent in the company of religious and spiritual people in India, Inder was glad to have gotten away from it all, when he moved to Canada and pursued his passion- sports. Bored from an overdose of spirituality, he ignored it and had no conscious intention of seeking the divine, until one day, he was deeply shaken, literally, by a spiritual experience.

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Spiritual Leader - RUBY BEDI

Born in India, to Ruby has always been highly intuitive and connected to higher dimensions, which, in her childhood, she assumed that everyone could access too. Always in direct communication with beings from various religious traditions and dimensions, she received blessings of extraordinary intuition and healing powers.

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We host unique group events, designed to raise consciousness using the power and energy of your community. A desire to create a better world for our family, our citizens and our planet inspires us to gather together and share an understanding of how a group can focus on creating a better world.