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A great mind can enrich Self, Society and the Collective State of Consciousness. The good news is that great minds are not just born, they can be created. Your greatness will emerge once you break free of templated living, conquer your limitations and access your inner intelligence. We, at Inlighten Global, urge you to live a greater life and leave a legacy that inspires future generations to do the same.

Inlighten Global is a not-for-profit organization, offering ground-breaking techniques, experiential workshops and one-on-one coaching to help you access your inner intelligence, embody direct experience and break limiting beliefs. Holding no alliance to any single religion or belief system, our only mandate is to create a new breed of great minds who lead with self-mastery and social responsibility.

Founders Inder and Ruby Bedi, together, bring over 50 years of experience in working with individuals and organizations across North America and Asia. Along with a skilled team of dedicated individuals, we are committed to you and your greater life.



  • Our Mission

    Ruby Bedi and Inder in very early years experienced Awakening. More than a decade ago, they conjoined forces and set up a mind lab to experiment and locate the source of this atomic energy.
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  • Our Vision

    “As human beings, we contain a spark of the divine but have lost connection to the universal consciousness. Instead, we make do as fragmented individuals—lonely, uncertain and yearning—existing within just a small circle of our potential being. Our objective is to rekindle your connection to the infinite.” ~Inder & Ruby Bedi
  • Contact Us

    Inlighten Global Foundation
    Email: info[at]inlightenglobal.com