You are on this page because you are a truth seeker. Truth seekers want to know who they are and how they can awaken right now. Inder and Ruby understand what happens when you live in darkness, away from the light in your soul. You soul has a script, a purpose, and it is their desire to help you read your soul script and awaken your consciousness. You can begin today.

Every soul’s desire is to live to its full potential.

Why are you not living to your fullest potential? Why do you live in lack?

Because somewhere along the line you have not explored the real self and you just manage life.You are more than a manager of life. Join us today in the In-lighten Global Self Learning Academy. Here you will explore three doors of consciousness. Each one will deliver a new level of consciousness until you are awakened fully and contribute to the global awakening.

The Inlighten Global Awakening Academy, is designed to be self-paced. When entering your name and email address in the spaces provided, you will then receive emails containing meditations, tools, exercises, and wisdom that will lead you to in-lightened and awakened existence.

The Academy is our gift to you. We sincerely desire to raise the global vibration and can only do that with helping you live your soul purpose and become part of the awakened collective.

Please read the brief descriptions of each door to decide where you feel you should start. After joining, you will receive an email shortly with information on how to begin.

Passing through the First Door of Freedom, you will break down the barriers that keep you from being fully awakened. If you were to bypass this door, you would continue to bump into chaos and confusion that will keep you from reading your soul script.

To join us through the first door of freedom, please enter your name and email below. We will lead you and share with you all that you need to release to awaken to your soul purpose.

To find out more about the First Door of Freedom, please click, FIRST DOOR.

Passing through the Door of Connection, we will teach you how to connect to your consciousness. We are all energy. Everything is energy. As you pass through the second door, you will learn how to connect with your energy to read your soul script. By the end of the exercises and journaling, you will have a keen understanding on how to manifest your soul purpose and live a life far from struggle and close to triumph.

To join us in the Door of Connection, please enter your name and email below. You can certainly begin at the second door during the Self-Learning Academy, but unless you have broken down the barriers that keep you from in-lightened living, you will want to accomplish that first. We recommend beginning with the Door of Freedom.

To find out more about the Door of Connection, please click, Second Door.


Passing through the Door of Awakening leads you to a fully awakened life. You will learn to connect to the Global vibration as an awakened and in-lightened soul. You can’t help but live out your soul script because you exist fully awakened.

You certainly may begin anywhere you like in the Academy, however, the Door of Awakening requires your full awareness. There will be no room for second guesses, mimicked desires, confusion, or fear. To eliminate those, please consider entering the First Door of Freedom first.

To find out more about the Door of Awakening, please click, Third Door