Dear Academy Visitor,

Thank you for making the decision to be a part of our Inlighten family. My hope for you is to gain a clear understanding of the body-mind- soul connection, what drives our energy systems, what is manifestation, clarity of mind, the impact of societal moral codes and cultural conditioning, and how people are slaves to perception, and patterns of mental conditioning. Human beings are not blind-folded passengers on the road of life. We are lucky, we get to drive the car. However, for maximum performance, one must know the mechanics of their car, where the engine is, and what type of fuel to use. Through this work, you will start to build an understanding of your mechanics, what you are made of and how you work.

I also want the world to have a deeper understanding of consciousness and how temporary power games have been at the center of world politics. I want the world to have new code of ethics, based on conscious development. I want politicians to stop using religion as political tool, and instead focus on our collective humanity, striving for conscious development for each one of us. I want to ban mis- information that is delivered via media, movies, and drama. I want the world to teach children quantum physics and learn what energy is, and how we are energy-based beings, not religion-based beings.

This work is important to me, because life is short and people have too many misconceptions about Life. The biggest question people have is, “What is the purpose of life?’ That is true even for me. My biggest question is what do I want to do with my life? I have a finite number of days in my life, how do I want to use those days and what is the purpose of my life? I have come to the conclusion that I want to share my energy with you all and spread information about consciousness, the soul, energy, and how we as humans can use this energy, so that we become the masters of our destiny.

Yours truly ~ Inder

Born in India, to Ruby has always been highly intuitive and connected to higher dimensions, which, in her childhood, she assumed that everyone could access too. Always in direct communication with beings from various religious traditions and dimensions, she received blessings of extraordinary intuition and healing powers. This began her sacred journey of divine intervention and love. Her calling (or her Soul Promise) is to connect others with their higher selves by actually shifting their physical, mental and emotional patterns to a higher vibration.

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