What is Dharan Kriya?

The Dharan Kriya is direct blessing from the divine and consists of specially designed exercises and visions that awaken unused energies that lie dormant within us. They heighten awareness, create stillness and re- establish our core connection. These special visions stimulate our senses and reignite the intuitive flow connecting us with our personal wisdom. Returning to this original state of being is the physical experience of ‘coming home’.

You can do this meditation without any previous experience. Following the steps with a willingness to experience your totality to be the best you can be, is the intention enough to spark your soul.

Dharan Kriya invokes inner manifestation energy, to create your own dream life.

Stress can typically be managed, but core stress is challenging. This stress is the physical, mental, emotional anxiety when our projection fundamentally differs from our intended path. This circumvents the root of our true, authentic nature, resulting in a loss of vitality, energy, and joy. At the Inlighten Institute, our focus is re-establishing the connection between spiritual, physical, and life purpose. The physical body is the soul’s embodiment. Every individual holds the power to shift the collective. Through Dharan Kriya it is possible to unleash the soul’s full power, reconnecting with the universal intelligence and energy. With over twenty years of commitment and extensive work in health and healing in Asia and North America, our unique system of connecting, unifying, and awakening has enabled many individuals to experience powerful existential shifts in very short span of time.