We host special events in a city to bring the citizens together in a single venue to share their desire to create a better world for our children, our citizens and our planet. Based on the premise that if the individual can focus on creating a better world even just for an hour, it can create a radical shift in the collective consciousness of a city, opening the possibility for bigger and better things to come. A change in the world starts with a change in our own consciousness and our healing event is an opportunity for citizens to assert their intention for a healthier and more conscious city and world.

At the event we briefly discuss the impacts of modern day stresses on our bodies and consciousness – at the individual and collective level – and then share powerful insights that can cause a radical shift in our consciousness. The event concludes with a brief session in which attendees are guided through a visualization technique that enables everyone to collectively put their intention, followed by a time of silence to allow healing to take place. This is not a religious or environmentally-oriented event, rather it is an occasion where like-minded citizens come together and put their desire for a better world into action. Once the healing is complete, we commit to our selves to creating a better world collectively.

We can design events specific to your needs and requirements.

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