Ruby Bedi and Inder experienced a life-altering Awakening that revealed a new way of thinking and enlightened them to new heights. They joined forces to experiment and locate the source of the atomic energy that had brought them here. They developed this energy into a potent living force. This force sparks powerful healing, improves core intelligence and wisdom, and ignites a more awakened state of consciousness.

After joining forces, Ruby and Inder started the Foundation, and built public schools, meditation facilities, sports complexes and an orphanage in the Northern part of India. They have conducted innumerable workshops and spread their message around the world. Committed to sharing their knowledge and insights for a better society, they devised radical yet simple techniques. Investing all of themselves and their resources towards this goal, resulted in the Global Healing Foundation- a movement based on spiritual principles. Together, they work tirelessly to transform the lives and destinies of all their students and clients.

"Liberation births free thinkers whose ingenuity surpasses all mediocrity."

Without liberation from the old, a new destiny is impossible say Ruby and Inder. Destiny, they clarify, is nothing but the residue of the past whereas, the present moment is a choice; and an in-lightened mind does not let either an opportunity pass or any life-time in order to utilize this gift of the ‘NOW’.
Having struggled through their own personal tribulations, they understand only too well, why spirituality must be in the HERE and NOW. It cannot, they insist, be merely be a ‘realization’ without a manifestation, an application, a living principle applied to daily living.And that is what they offer. In-lightenment for Liberation. Liberation for a New Life. Here and Now.

More about Inder & Ruby Bedi

“We invite you all to be Emissaries. Be the light, Blaze forth and In-lighten everybody around you.”

As masters, Ruby and Inder initiate fellow beings and invoke truth, joy, peace, good luck and energy, replacing the burden of past karma, bad luck, stress and suffering. With simple but radical exercises they help refine the energies contained within our physical body. They offer ‘In-lightenment’ as the process, with the goal indisputably being LIBERATION.


With a childhood spent in the company of religious and spiritual people in India, Inder was glad to have gotten away from it all, when he moved to Canada and pursued his passion- sports. Bored from an overdose of spirituality, he ignored it and had no conscious intention of seeking the divine, until one day, he was deeply shaken, literally, by a spiritual experience. His body vibrated with a great force over which he had no control. The very ‘physical’ nature of the experience took him by surprise, and dramatically changed the way he saw himself and his life.


Born in India, to Ruby has always been highly intuitive and connected to higher dimensions, which, in her childhood, she assumed that everyone could access too. Always in direct communication with beings from various religious traditions and dimensions, she received blessings of extraordinary intuition and healing powers. This began her sacred journey of divine intervention and love. Her calling (or her Soul Promise) is to connect others with their higher selves by actually shifting their physical, mental and emotional patterns to a higher vibration.