Welcome to Inlighten Global Awakening’s Resource Page. Inder and Ruby have wisdom to share through videos, books and very special Inlighten Meditations or Kriyas for you to enjoy and learn from.

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We have created over 50 videos on various topics to support your journey to In-lightenment. Please enjoy the VIDEOS and feel free to message us with questions or topics that we have not yet covered.

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"The Inlighten Meditations are very special and uniquely created by Inder and Ruby to help you get closer to full awakening and consciousness. These Meditations or Kriyas will change your life."

Not only can you gain access on the MEDITATION page, you may want to join the INLIGHTEN GLOBAL AWAKENING SELF LEARNING ACADEMY. As a member of the academy, you will gain special resources delivered to your inbox for you to use on your personal journey to your awakening.

Continue to check back. We have so much more to share with you as you become an in-lightened and awakened conscious soul.

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